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Key considerations for developing your Hybrid working model

A number or organisations are currently looking at their future ways of working. Some industries are favouring a ‘back to the office’ approach whilst others have gone early on an all remote or flexible (hybrid) model. Many are trialling pilots, as they attempt to structure their future workforce strategy in a still fast-changing Covid environment. Key considerations and elements of the evolution of the strategy will include the following:

  • How has the business strategy changed? How has this impacted on the People strategy?

  • How will we continue to ensure pay equity in a Hybrid working model? Will we have fulltime remote workers and how do we ensure parity between the benefits and allowances offered to different segments of our employee population?

  • How are we aligned with our competitors? Will our approach put us on the front foot in attracting top-quality scarce talent, including gender scarce and millennial talent?

A well thought out remote working policy combined with a careful review and alignment of both pay and benefits, built around a sensible and compelling business case that works for the organisation as a whole is now urgently required as is the evolution of your Reward Strategy. If not already, it is time your organisation started to put these elements in place.


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