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Executive Compensation consulting

Executive Compensation 

Executive Compensation consulting services

Our Executive Compensation consulting services focus on all the most important and pressing aspects of Executive Pay, including benchmarking and governance advisory. In particular, our expertise and experience are based on advising our clients on the following:

  • Executive Remuneration Benchmarking

  • Remuneration Committee (RemCo) support:

    • Governance advisory

    • Market practice

    • Ad hoc advisory

    • Policy and DRR support

  • Annual bonus plan design

  • Long-term incentive plan design (LTIP):

    • Plan type options

    • Measures and targets

    • On-target and Max bonus levels

    • Pay-out and deferral mechanisms

    • Governance

    • Documentation

  • Total Shareholders Return (TSR) peer group selection and optimisation

  • Economic Value Added (EVA) and Economic Profit Decision support and analysis

Our Executive Reward advisory works with Remuneration Committees across the business spectrum, from large listed companies to smaller private companies, and from both the public and private sectors.


Our experience incorporates the UK market as well Ireland and Europe, the US, APAC and Africa and as such we provide a convenient London-based consulting partner to clients with operations and people across more than just one country.

More information on our pioneering approach for Peer Group Selection for Executive Compensation

Stages of Total Shareholders Return (TSR) Peer Group review

Stages of Total Shareholders Return (TSR) Peer Group review.png

Some of our published thought pieces on Executive Compensation and Reward can be found here:

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