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Our Reward Consulting Services

As a client of People. Performance. Reward. you will benefit from significant personal time and attention from our senior advisor. Our Human Capital Consulting works in a collaborative, engaged and partnering way to ensure we are able to address your Human Capital requirements or issues, efficiently and cost effectively.

The ability to solve complex problems in a practical way and under real-world conditions differentiates us from our competitors. Our significant experience in the UK and internationally will bring you fresh insights in reward,  executive compensation, performance management, organisational design and strategic workforce planning.

Why our clients choose us

Ability to find creative and unique solutions

We are often asked by our clients to solve tough and complex problems by providing solutions which are bespoke, unique and sometimes unconventional.


We are completely independent and provide no other services outside of our field of expertise.  This allows us to be 100% independent and impartial and to focus on the best unique solutions to your human capital problems.

We don’t sell data

Unlike the vast majority of human capital and reward advisory services, we do not sell data.  We will always advise using the best and most representative data for your company and industry, regardless of the source, on whatever project we are engaged in. We will not be limited in terms of the data we ‘own’ (unlike virtually all of the larger advisory firms who do monetise their data resources but typically are stronger in some industries / markets than in others).

Significant Director involvement

The majority of the time spent on a particular project is provided by only our most senior resources.  This again differentiates us from the competition.  We are able to provide this level of service at a competitive cost, which we believe is an important differentiator.

Interim Capacity

Outside of the project and advisory space, we also provide interim capacity to support clients in their ongoing or business as usual requirements. We offer experienced senior consultants to fill the gap in your team, or assist with the delivery of a new project in either the Reward or Organisational Design and Strategic Workforce Planning arenas for periods of up to 12 months. We work as part of your team, on a day-to-day basis, to deliver on your agenda, at competitive day or weekly rates.

Our Human Capital Consultancy work with organisations across the business spectrum, from large listed companies to smaller private companies, and from both the public and private sectors. We consult our clients across the UK and EMEA.

We look forward to partnering with you!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I worked with Paul Hunter when I was looking after a number of Strategic Reward Projects, with time constrained deadlines. From the onset of meeting Paul, I knew he'd be perfect for it. He not only had a depth of knowledge and insight on Reward and bonus plans but also had exemplary project and stakeholder management skills. Plus, I really liked his leadership style - it's one that is professional and confident yet calm. He's very much able to explain things in a logical manner, without jargon and steer his audience so that potential "controversial" topics do not become heated.

In terms of the project, I don't think it could have gone any better. In the end the entire Leadership Team was happy and so were the colleagues on the (new) bonus (plan) as it not only resonated with them but also gave them an opportunity to earn incentive pay based on results that they could influence and control.

Reward Director, FTSE 250 Retail Organisation

Thank you for all of your support during our recent Strategic Workforce project.  I am happy to be a reference for you on any current or future project.

VP and COO, Global Environmental Services client

We wanted to incentivise our high potential and key strategic staff to continue to invest their time and hard work within an increasingly competitive climate.  As such you were able to put together a fit for purpose LTIP scheme for us which, despite the current oil price, COVID and economic climate, we intend to launch in June to reward those who have, despite these challenging times, continued to show their loyalty and hard work with us.  Your work has helped us become a stronger organisation and your professionalism, ability to listen, remain open to different ideas while keeping us benchmarked to industry, as well as your flexibility to changing time frames was extremely helpful.

CHRO, Oil and Gas client

We (our Executive Team and Board) regard you (Paul Hunter) as a very fine consultant. I hope there is an opportunity to work together in the future.

CHRO, Financial Services client

Thank you Paul (and People. Performance. Reward.) for your support. Both the content of your work and the way it was delivered was just what we needed. We especially appreciated the pace at which you worked to produce thorough research and clearly presented data which enabled us to make informed decisions.

Chair, NHS Federation

Paul, I can’t tell you how useful this has been, thank you very much.

CPO, Fast-Growing Technology company

Paul took time to understand the culture of our organisation and formed relationships with key people. He supported us through the changes we made to our reward policy and interpreted complex information into an easy to understand, fit for purpose policy.  He was knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to any organisation.

HRD, Professional Services

Thank you Paul – we really have valued your partnership on this project. 

HR Manager, Supply Chain & Logistics

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